Max says...

Stacey has been walking me every week from Monday to Thursday since January 2009. She comes to the house and collects me, usually with my friend Toots in tow. He gets the front seat and I get the back seat which is fine. Toots is a real cool guy.

We go for long walks, even in the rain and snow and she makes sure I'm nice and dry when taking me back home. The walks are always different with good smells and are away from the roads. It's good fun as there are always other guys to play with. I'm small but I'm a born leader and I like to be out in front.

I know Stacey helps out my mum at certain times and has kept me a bit longer, or collected me from the kennels and she would even come to the house and baby sit me,(it's really me looking after her). Stacey is kind and makes us all feel special and even if she goes on holiday, her friend looks after us.

I am happy with Stacey and hope she continues to look after me.